The Provincial Government of Saskatchewan has yet to announce a timeline for adopting the National Energy Code for Buildings. All other western provinces have now adopted an energy efficiency standard. Energy efficiency is among the most cost effective actions to mitigate carbon emissions. We ask that this matter be made a priority.

  The purpose of this site is to provide readers with information on the benefits and challenges of building energy efficiency standards.

It was also meant to encourage participation in the public consultations regarding the adoption of building energy efficiency standards in Saskatchewan during the spring of 2013.

Acadia Study on Energy Efficiency in Canada
To learn more about the economic benefits of energy efficiency in the general Canadian context please see the new study by the Acadia Center: Energy Efficiency: Engine of Economic Growth in Canada - Detailed analysis of the macroeconomic impacts of energy efficiency programs across Canada. The study uses nation-wide modeling to show impressive economic growth and job creation potential from the "first fuel", energy efficiency.

"Every $1 spent on energy efficiency programs results in an increase in GDP of $5 to $8."

report from the forum on commercial building energy codes may be found below. The benefits of residential building energy codes are also discussed on this site in the "more resources" section.